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First Impressions: Mylee Lash & Brow Tint!❤

Hi lovelies,

It seems like I haven’t blogged in ages. Life has been crazy. Every time I’ve thought about it I’ve been too tired on an evening. But here I am, back with a first impressions (not Friday but hey ho!)😂😂

I decided to give this eyelash & brow tint a go as I had run out of my usual brow tint Eylure brow tint (can get from Superdrug in the UK). I first heard about this from Steph Toms, a British YouTuber, she did a collaboration with Mylee & used this on her lashes & brows & it looked fab!!😍

Anyway, let’s jump in & see how it went for me…

Here’s my lashes & brows naturally. I have fair lashes & light brown brow hairs! I like them to be slightly darker so I got the colour dark brown to try so it would also show up well on my lashes 🙂 They also do a black which I’ll probably get for my lashes if I’m impressed.

My brows are in serious need of grooming, they get super over grown & out of shape. You can’t actually tell too much here. But they always look so much better for a tint & shape!😃


OH SNAP!!!! Is what I said as soon as I removed the dye to reveal lovely dark lashes & brows 😍

I’m actually in love!!!! They just look more defined & since I don’t actually wear makeup on the daily it really helps boost my confidence.

I have of course shaped my brows as well; what did I say? They definitely do look better for a tint & shape 😍 SO HAPPY!!!

I highly recommend this Mylee eyelash & brow tint especially since it was so inexpensive. This tinting kit is only £12 but I used the code myleexsteph (code still available at time of posting this) & got a further 20% off. YAAAS!! 😃 Get it while the code is still there my loves. I’ll link it all below 🙂

F.Y.I you have LOADS of applications in this kit; it’s definitely going to last me a while. I’m going to see how long this lasts, it claims to last up to 6 weeks which is awesome!!😃

What do you think? have you ever used anything from this brand?🙂

☆Click here for Mylee’s website☆

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