Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday 🖤

Hi my lovelies,

Who agrees, Sunday’s are for self care & relaxation? 🙌 I’m making sure that each Sunday evening I give myself a little pamper ready for the week ahead. Just doing these little steps makes me feel so much better about myself!

No pamper session would be complete without a good face mask. This one is actually a face mask duo from Superdrug, you get a clay mask to detoxify & cleanse the t-zone & a moisture mask to hydrate & smooth the rest of the face, I concentrated this on the cheeks & neck. Yes guys & gals, make sure you’re giving your neck the same pamper. It’s one of the earliest giveaway signs of us aging so we want to look after our skin on the neck!🙂

Can I just tell you, for £1.79 this mask duo made my skin feel A-MA-ZING!!!! Even before moisturising, my face felt so hydrated yet not oily & deep cleansed in the centre!! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this baby 😍

Whilst in the shower I did use my Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean cleanser that I’ve been loving for the longest time.

I then toned with Lush Eau Roma Water (rose water basically) which I love as it has helped my dry skin become less dry, if you’ve read my blog a while you’ll know I used to have oily skin, it then went dry whilst pregnant and now I would say it’s a bit of a combination.

To finish of the skincare on my face I uses my Avant Face & Eye Night Cream (got this in glossy box a few months ago) it’s the bomb! It makes my face feel REBORN! But it is very expensive, although if I had the money to repurchase the full size I definitely would, so I highly recommend it if you have a high budget and are looking for an amazing night cream🙂

I’m usually super lazy with exfoliating my body, but tonight I did just that & I can confirm my skin feels fricking brilliant. Why don’t I do this more?😂 **where are my lazy body exfoliators? give me a 🖤 in the comments**

Both my body wash & exfoliator are The Body Shop frosted berries scent, it smells divine. Not sure if it’s was just a Christmas special though!

To moisturise my new baby skin I used the Soaper Duper Body butter. I got this in a glossybox, before that I’d never heard of this brand but it’s lovely. Super fresh smelling & has no nasties in the formula, what more could we want 😍

I then painted my toe nails with this gorgeous colour, it’s the shade ‘status ready’🙂 I’m not going to post a picture of my toes, I have a weird thing about feet!😂

I’m going to be doing more of these every Sunday but different topics of course. Everything to do with self care & self love 🖤

Have you tried any of these products? what were your thoughts 🙂

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Makeup by Nat