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First Impressions: Mylee Lash & Brow Tint!❤

Hi lovelies,

It seems like I haven’t blogged in ages. Life has been crazy. Every time I’ve thought about it I’ve been too tired on an evening. But here I am, back with a first impressions (not Friday but hey ho!)😂😂

I decided to give this eyelash & brow tint a go as I had run out of my usual brow tint Eylure brow tint (can get from Superdrug in the UK). I first heard about this from Steph Toms, a British YouTuber, she did a collaboration with Mylee & used this on her lashes & brows & it looked fab!!😍

Anyway, let’s jump in & see how it went for me…

Here’s my lashes & brows naturally. I have fair lashes & light brown brow hairs! I like them to be slightly darker so I got the colour dark brown to try so it would also show up well on my lashes 🙂 They also do a black which I’ll probably get for my lashes if I’m impressed.

My brows are in serious need of grooming, they get super over grown & out of shape. You can’t actually tell too much here. But they always look so much better for a tint & shape!😃


OH SNAP!!!! Is what I said as soon as I removed the dye to reveal lovely dark lashes & brows 😍

I’m actually in love!!!! They just look more defined & since I don’t actually wear makeup on the daily it really helps boost my confidence.

I have of course shaped my brows as well; what did I say? They definitely do look better for a tint & shape 😍 SO HAPPY!!!

I highly recommend this Mylee eyelash & brow tint especially since it was so inexpensive. This tinting kit is only £12 but I used the code myleexsteph (code still available at time of posting this) & got a further 20% off. YAAAS!! 😃 Get it while the code is still there my loves. I’ll link it all below 🙂

F.Y.I you have LOADS of applications in this kit; it’s definitely going to last me a while. I’m going to see how long this lasts, it claims to last up to 6 weeks which is awesome!!😃

What do you think? have you ever used anything from this brand?🙂

☆Click here for Mylee’s website☆

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Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette🖤

Hi lovelies,

I’m so excited to be sharing this review with you! When I posted my pink & blue look previously I said I would do swatches, finally they’re here!!! Let me know if you like reading reviews as I’m hoping to do more and actually stay consistent with my weekly posts (going to be posting Monday, Wednesday & Fridays) 🙂

Can I just say how GORGEOUS is the packaging for this palette? it is a tin as well so super sturdy & travel friendly as it feels like the shadows are well protected but the palette is still light weight which we all love!

The inside defintiely reflects the packaging & I think the colour selections are divine 😍 This palette attracted me as it’s totally different to anything I own, I don’t own many bles and reds so this was a winner. I absolutely adore all of these & I’ll definitely be doing loads more looks soon!

Which colours would you love to see me use?

Can we just appreciate these swatches, they are double swatched but I have only gone in to them lightly! Only running the shadow twice before swatching!🙂

I also love that although this palette looks super crazy & wild. You can actually get a neautral look from it, the shades retrograde, asteroid, celestial, harp & universal. I used these shades to achieve this super wearable look….

I used retrograde & universal in the crease for definition, blended out with asteroid & applied celestial all over the lid, inner corners & brow bone as a highlight shade.

Here’s the pink & blue look I’ve previously done…

Basically, for £10 this baby is a freaking steal. Absolutely love Revolution products, I’m yet to find something I don’t like!

Have any of you lovelies tried this palette? if so, what do you think of it?

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Pink POW ❤

Hi lovelies,

How are you all?

I did this look last week using my new Revolution Makeup palettes 👀 I loved how it came out and I’m so impressed at the pigmentation of these.. INSANE for the price 👌😍🔥💕

Products used;


– Revolution Makeup Forever Flawless onstellation
– Revolution Trends Mischief Matt as
– Younique Epic Mascara
– Primark beauty 3 in 1 brow pencil in dark brown

– NYX Stick Foundation
– Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer
– Mua Luxe Set & Reflect Powder
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot spice

– Primark Lip Liner in Thorn
– Younique Splash Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sublime

Would you like to see a full review and swatches on this palette?

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Black Smokey Eye ft. red hair🖤

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet, life has been CRAZY!!!! As you know I have a little boy, he’s now 9 months!! whaaaat. For anyone that follows me it only seems like 5 minutes since I was posting my birth story! Recently, I started a makeup artistry course (if you’d like me to keep you all updated on it let me know!)🙂

Anyway, I kept meaning to post this.. if you would like a pictorial on how I did this look step by step then pop a comment below 🙂

I’m actually loving this look.. so simple and easy to do but really effective 😍

For a black Smokey eye I literally just pack on the black onto my eyelid, you want to make sure it’s nice & dark closest to the lash line. Then go in with a warm brown (I used my Hoola bronzer) in the crease & blend that in to the black so it fades softly from black to brown. You may have to keep building colours & going back and forth between each colour but once you get to the intensity you want it’s so worth it!

To make my inner corners pop I used my favourite glitter liner as it stays so so well & whacked a load of mascara on my lashes (of course!)😊

I know black can be really scary but it doesn’t have to be. Just be confident & ROCK IT!! 💜

I will make sure I bring you more posts. I always miss you guys when I’m quiet on here! I hope you’ve all been well?😘

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Christmas Day Makeup Look ❤

Hi lovelies,

So as promised here’s my Christmas day makeup look listing the products I used. Quite a lot of you seemed to like it. If you’ve followed me a while you’ll know I love my purples & pinks, so this look definitely sums me up.

Products used


Surprisingly I’m not actually wearing foundation. This base has definitely been my go to lately & I love how it makes my skin look. I just swear by a good & easy skincare routine (post coming soon).

♡ Younique Skin Perfecting Concealer in shade Scarlet – I love this stuff as it’s super nourishing, high coverage & lasts all day.

♡ Younique Pressed Powder Foundation in Organza- this powder foundation legit makes my skin look airbrushed, I love it! It’s such amazing coverage for a powder & sets any liquid you put underneath to help it last all day.

♡ Benefit Hoola Bronzer- I talk about this all the time, I love this stuff. It’s the perfect shade for my pale complexion, it gives me that perfect chiseled look without looking too dark! It’s also super easy to blend.

♡ Younique Powder Luminizer in Iridescent – If I’m wearing a glowy gorgeous highlight 99.9% of the time it’s this baby. I love how this makes me look glowy from within when the highlight hits the light but no cast is left on the skin, it legit livens my skin up. TOP TIP I use this on my eyes for those no makeup makeup days.


A little first impressions for you. The Keilidh Urban Bible palette with So Su is FREAKING AMAZING. My sister got it as a gift but we both just couldn’t wait to try it so used it Christmas morning!

♡ I used the colour ‘unruly’ all over the eye lid, in the crease & winged it out for a elongated cat eye effect. This colour is gorgeous, it’s a burgundy but when blended out well it goes in to a pink so that’s what I did, blended a small amount so it was a burgundy pink blown out effect. I then concentrated this colour in the crease & outer edge to deepen up the look & add dimension.

♡ I then packed ‘mercy’ all over the lid, then a small amount of ‘myth’ right in the centre & blended that out with ‘mercy’ so it wasn’t so purple, I just wanted a bit more depth to the look.

♡ Younique Dip & Draw Glitter liner – for a gorgeous pop on the inner corner I went in with this glitter liner to add even more shimmer to the look. After all it is Christmas.

♡ Younique Epic Mascara- no look is complete without a good mascara!!


♡ Younique Brow palette- I literally just tidied up the tails of my brows where they are a bit more sparse as I recently had them done professionally.


♡ Younique Lip Liner in pompous & prudent- I used pompous on the outer edges & prudent on the middle of my lip for an ombre effect. I do wish I had put a gloss on top though.

I hope you enjoyed this. The pictures really don’t the palette the justice it deserves. The reflects aren’t picked up in the photos! It really is a gorgeous palette that is so user friendly, beginners or pro’s!

♡Shop Keilidh Urban Bible here

♡Shop Younique products here

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30 Day Makeup Challenge ❤

hi lovelies 😘

Today is day 20: patriotic inspired makeup! I absolutely loved doing this look… really took me out of my comfort zone as I never use these colours on my eyes! 😍

I used this palette again, literally one look out of this palette! I even used this for my brows!!❤

What do you think!?

I adore this look with red lips, of course it keeps in with the patriotic theme!!

I also paired it with a nude gloss, I never go for gloss. I’m definitely more of a matte girl. But for a change I’m living for this glossy lip!!

which do you prefer; matte or glossy?

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My Journey with Fibromatosis:

So inspirational. Beautiful & strong girl. Amazing post, this will definitely raise awareness ❤

Coping with a chronic illness

Reasons for writing this.

It has been around 2 years since I discovered the lump and nearly a year since my first operation. My journey has been an extremely tough one. It has affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a rare condition and is often misdiagnosed for other things. Therefore, I believe that fibromatosis awareness needs to occur, people need to understand what it is. Many of you won’t know this but fibromatosis has no clear treatment plan. The treatment you are offered is dependent upon where the tumour is located. However, it will also depend on your consultant, where you have been referred and what they want to do. Many individuals have only been offered one treatment plan as their consultant didn’t want to refer them. As it is rare they wanted to keep the case for themselves. You may be shocked, but I have heard many…

View original post 10,633 more words

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Younique Epic Mascara ♡

Hi beauties,

Wow yesterday was so so busy I didn’t even get chance to get this post up, so here we are, it’s up!! Yaaay! 🙂

If you follow my blog/makeup journey on any of my social media (all linked below) then you’ll know I love trying out new mascaras. Usually I am impressed by a mascara, but until I had used this one I’d always felt I was missing out & wanted more from my mascara. NO MORE. THIS IS BOMB.

Girls & guys, if you haven’t tried this mascara you need it in your life, I’ve never had more complements than when I use this. This mascara is definitely one of the reasons why I decided to partner with Younique.

I have tried & tested this baby for months… at least half a year if not more. This is my second tube & that’s saying something with mascara. More times than not I don’t repurchase a mascara, I tend to buy a different one still on the search for that perfect mascara. Between repurchasing this I did try a couple of other mascaras to see what else there was to offer but I always came back to this – my previous mascara review wasn’t so positive unfortunately!

What Younique claim;

  • Clinically proven to visibly improve volume,
    length, and definition with an intensely conspicuous coat
    • For a truly multidimensional finish, go big with a second coat for dramatic lashes
    • A blend of flexible polymers adds buildable volume to lashes
    • Ophthalmologically tested

I would definitely agree with these claims, my lashes appear much longer & more voluminous with just one coat. The difference is amazing, plus since using this my natural lashes are much more healthy & have definitely grown. I know this as I was getting a lot of gaps in my lashes from other mascaras where they’ve been hard to get off & caused lashes to come out! Booo! Epic definitely gives my lashes a more curled appearance, I hate using lash curlers so this is a win!!

The flexible polymers claim comes from the fact one of the main ingredients in the mascara is beeswax. Beeswax is what creates the flexibility in mascaras & with Younique our ethos is “Nature. Love. Science” basically they pride themselves on being a natural based, high quality cosmetics company so using ingredients inspired by mother nature. I did research this myself, this website is great if you’re interested in the benefits of beeswax in a mascara, it was actually an interesting read.

This picture is between using different mascaras. Hate how stubby & lifeless my lashes look.

The wand & formula

These type of wands are by far my favourite, it’s a bristly wand rather than the hard plastic wands. I did used to like the plastic ones, but went off them a couple years ago as I kept jabbing myself in the eye! Ouch!🙈

Anyway, this mascara has a bristly wand, the bristles aren’t so soft where the mascara isn’t distributed well it’s inbetween! The bristles are a great depth so you can get a good amount of coverage on all lashes. It coats lashes I didn’t even realise I had!

The formula is not too wet & not too dry, it’s that perfect happy medium. I hate mascaras that are super wet as they get everywhere & I end up leaving them for a couple months to dry up a little. But not with this, as described above it coats the lashes great & definitely enhances them. I don’t feel the need to wear falsies at all. I dont notice any fall out throughout the day, which is everything when looking for a holy grail mascara!

Who wants black bits all over their flawless base? nobody.

PLUS the tube of product lasts ages, I’ve not had any problems with it drying up before being able to use it all up, this is one of my pet peeves with makeup!!

Love how fluffy & full Epic makes my lashes.


Overall this is definitely my holy grail mascara, one I always go back to. It is £19, but to me this mascara is worth every single penny. This mascara is one of the reasons I decided to partner with Younique, the before & afters really speak for themselves really.

If you’re looking for your holy grail mascara I highly recommend this, click here to check it out.

Have you tried this mascara?

What’s your holy grail?

**Try it for 14 days. If you don’t love it as much as I do I’ll give you a full refund**

**There’s also a fact sheet which includes everything you need to know about this mascara if you’re wanting to know more about ingredients etc.**

**DISCLAIMER Yes I may be partnered with the company. But as always I’m totally honest with you lovelies, I would never lie to you & only ever want to deliver you honest reviews & opinions of products I try no matter what the brand**

Beeswax benefits in mascara, click here to read.

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Soph X Revolution Palette Review & Swatches ♡

Hi beauties,

Here I am again with another review, I love writing reviews especially when they are positive which this 100% is! 🙂

If you have tried this palette you’ll know it’s AMAZING!! Anyway for those who haven’t used it then I’m going to show you swatches & talk a bit about it.

If you didn’t know the palette is in collaboration with Sophdoesnails on YouTube, she partners with Revolution Makeup frequently & was offered the opportunity to create this palette. If you’re a fan of Revolution you will know how high quality their makeup is, but how so affordable it is. I love that about this brand, it’s so accessible!

The packaging of this palette is gorgeous, a lovely nude matte pink with rose gold writing. This is definitely Sophie all over. There’s a lovely big mirror on the inside & 24 beautiful matte & shimmer shades. They’re all so beautifully formulated & look gorgeous on the eye.

Neither matte or shimmer shades are chunky or patchy. They swatch so well & are a dream to blend on the eye. All Revolution shadows are so consistent & gorgeous, never had a bad one.

Below I have swatched all 24 shades, from bottom to top in order of how they appear in the palette.

Swatches of the first & second line;

Swatches of the third & fourth line;

As you can see all shades swatch so beautifully, they feel so buttery soft to the touch! For these swatches I did two layers of the colour for some of the mattes but it is typical that mattes don’t swatch as well as shimmer.

In my eyes these shadows are the bomb & I haven’t put this palette down since I bought it. This palette retails for £10, for 24 shadows that is phenomenal! Just over 40p for each shadow!❤

Overall, this palette is defintiely a must have in anyone’s collection. The possibilities are endless & if you read my blog regularly you’ll know I’ve used it in previous posts & no doubt you will see it a ton in the future.

I really want to do looks with the pine tree & petrol shades, comment your suggestions below please😘

♡Have you got this palette?

♡What are your thoughts?

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Laritzy Shade Stix Review

Hi you beautiful lot,

Yay!! I have a makeup related post.. Will be more to come as well as I have subscribed to Glossybox again & loving the products they’re sending so expect a lot of reviews & first impressions!🙂

I’ll definitely do a post when I get my next box to show you all what I got! A lot of my products this month was skincare so I like to try it for a little while before giving my opinions so it is fair!🙂

I’m so excited to write this post cos I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this product! I’d never heard of this brand before, that’s the beauty of Glossybox though you discover products you wouldn’t normally hear about!

Use my code for 20% off your first order;

Laritzy is a pretty new company only founded in 2016.. their ethos is amazing…

Here’s how Laritzy describes their shade stix…

Introducing our new cream Shade Stix that will give you that perfect, subtle sun-kissed glow. The formula is highly pigmented, buildable, and weightless to make it easy to accomplish that perfectly blended look that will stay all day.

What do I think of the shade stix!?

I absolutely ADORE the shade stix, it is such a perfect colour, yes even for me & my pale skin! HOORAY!!

At first I was terrified, I’d never used a stick contour before, I applied it to my face & instantly thought ‘sh*t that’s way too pigmented & far too dark!’. As I started to blend it in to my skin it just looked so seamless & effortless, the colour looks so natural like you have caught the sun & have a natural tan.. which if your like me (don’t tan at all) you could definitely do with this!

The formula is super creamy too but doesn’t feel oily on the skin at all, it just glides on so easily & doesn’t dry down super fast so you have time to blend it out! As a new mum I need products that make my makeup application super quick, that last all day. This has definitely done this!

As you can see from the above picture the product is a decent size & you do get 9 grams of product which is fab, you literally use the tiniest amount each time so this is going to last me a good while!

The only down side is that as far as I’m aware there’s only one shade, aloha, as you can see it works for my pale skin & would definitely work for a lot of people but unfortunately would probably not be dark enough for deep skin tones! Hopefully they’re working on more shades as this seems like it’s a very new release, it is currently out of stock!

How I applied the shade stix

Since its summer I’ve been loving a light base so I just used my bareminerals complexion rescue & collection concealer! I then went in with the shade stix in the areas I wanted to contour! Literally just stripe it on to the face, I then went in with my Real Techinques Contour Brush, this brush is perfect for the job as it is nice & fluffy but precise so you keep the contour in the areas you want it!

BLEND BLEND BLEND!! Always key in makeup, make sure all edges are soft; I go in with my Real Techinques Sponge to soften the lines even more, make sure it is fully blended & pressed in to the skin!

❤COMMENT BELOW if you’d like to see a full in depth post on how to contour for your face shape!❤

How gorgeous & sunkissed does this look, I used the back camera to capture the full effect as the front camera (used for the above image) makes things seem lighter!

To finish off my face I went over the entire face with my powder foundation, this adds slightly more coverage & makes the contour look super seamless. You could just go in with a transparent powder if you use a higher coverage foundation underneath & just mattify/set areas that need it most!🙂

Is it worth the money!?

This retails for $24 which is about £18, to me this product really is worth that price! I have paid far more for products that haven’t preformed half as good as this!! It does what it says on the tin & stays all day! 😍 Totally recommend!

Laritzy Shade Stix also used for this look…

A big round of applause to Laritzy, you have made the perfect contour stick!! Unfortunately it is actually sold out at the minute😕 but I’ll include the link below in case it becomes available!🙂

Laritzy Shade stix in aloha buy here (currently out of stock!)

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